These are the controls for Avengers Initiative.


The game involves the player controlling one of the Avengers (currently the Hulk and Captain America) and going on individual adventures. The battle mechanics are quite similar for each hero, and each character has four combative statistics, can access six different special moves (only three moves are usable at a time), and can improve his statistics via ISO-8 augments or costumes. The four statistics are:

1. STRENGTH, which determines how damage you deal in a normal attack;

2. STAMINA, which determines how many blocks and stamina hits you can perform;

3. RAGE (for Hulk), or VALOR (for Captain America), which determines the strength of your special powers; and

4. HEALTH, which determines how much damage you can take before losing a battle.

Offensive TacticsEdit

The primary way to defeat enemies is through normal attacks, which can be done by simply swiping across the sceen in various directions. To deal the full damage of a normal attack on an enemy, you must stun that enemy.  When the enemy is stunned, you can usually deal four full attacks.  There are various combos you can attack with to improve damage:

1. Swiping in one direction and then the opposite direction leads to a FIERCE COMBO.

2. Swiping in the same direction three times leads to a HEROIC COMBO.

3. One fierce combo followed by swiping in the other two directions not used in the fierce combo (e.g., left, right, up, down) leads to an INCREDIBLE COMBO.

4. Swiping twice in one direction, twice in the opposite direction, and then once in a totally different direction (e.g., left, left, right, right, up) leads to a GAMMA COMBO (even for Captain America, who does not traditionally have gamma radiation-based powers), which allows two massively powerful hits for the final blow.

Each combo can only be performed when the enemy is stunned.  If the enemy isn't stunned, you can only use STAMINA HITS, which are as strong as normal attacks but cost stamina points.

SPECIAL MOVES are executed in a variety of ways such as tapping, slashing in the correct direction, or pressing and holding for a certain amount of time.

Defensive TacticsEdit

There are several defensive means by which you can stun an enemy:

1. BLOCKING involves simply pressing the stamina icon on the bottom of the screen with good timing.  A normal block requires two stamina points. Keep in mind that your block can also be broken, which will remove most of your stamina. Blocking with good timing leads to an EXCELSIOR BLOCK, which costs only one stamina point and immeadiately stuns the target.

2.  SIDESTEPPING allows you to sidestep to the left or right depending on the oncoming attack. Some attacks appear to be impossible to sidestep against, so this may not always be the best solution.

3.  DEFLECTING is achieved by swiping in the opposite direction of an enemy's attack, blocking said attack.  This  is usually effective for most attacks, though not for ranged attacks (those attacks involving bullets, missiles, arrows, etc.).

You only need to block, dodge, or deflect the last blow of a combo to get the opponent into a stun. You can also hit the enemy with a counter when a charge button appears on or near the enemy during an attack.

Stun duration is based on how you stun an enemy. The duration determines how many hits you can perform before the enemy recovers from being stunned and blocks your next attack.

1. A BLOCK STUN allows for three attacks.

2. A SIDESTEP STUN allows for four attacks.

3. A COUNTER STUN gives variable duration depending on how fast you tap the charge button (usually up to four attacks).

4. A DEFLECT STUN allows for five attacks and is the only way to make time for a gamma combo.

5. Deflecting all attacks in an enemy's combo will allow for seven attacks.

6. Both the Hulk and Captain America have specific attacks that allow for a RAGE/VALOR STUN.  For Hulk, it's the World Breaker attack, and for Cap, it's the stun attack.  Each attack will stun based on the special move's upgrade level.  For each special move, a Level 1 stun allows for two attacks, a Level 2 stun allows for four attacks, and a Level 3 stun allows for six attacks.