Code Name Wendigo
Real Name Various
Height 9'7"
Weight 1800 lbs
Intelligence 2
Strength 4
Speed 5
Durability 5
Energy Projection 1
Fighting Skills 4
Wendigo Marvel XP



[Excerpt from page 192 of Bloodstone's Taxonomy of Daemons (15th ed., 1854) provided to S.H.I.E.L.D. by Dr. Stephen Strange]

Few lands can boast more natural beauty than that now called Canada; but her eremrald curtains of forest and snowcapped peaks mask a fair share of horror as well.

This I learned when I travelled to the land of the Algonquian-speaking Chippewa long before any French- or Englishman set foot there. I had hoped to hone my practice in the art of psychopompy from a particularly learned shaman of that tribe, called Two-Young-Men.

Instead, I found a village in panic, terrorized by a curse as old as man. A fortnight before my arrival, a hunting party had been attacked by wolves. They fled and found themselves trapped in a cave by a massive snowstorm. One of their numer, driven mad by desperation and hunger, began eating his wounded comrades as they expired; this violates an ancient taboo of the Northern Gods, who transformed this man into an enormous, flesh-starved beast Two-Young-Men called "Wen-di-go."

Even worse, Two-Young-Men confided in me, the bite of the Wen-di-go could confer its curse on otherwise inoocent men; and after one attack the entire village could be overrun with insatiable beasts.

So I volunteered to go into the wild and hunt the creature myself, believing the Bloodstone Gem embedded in my chest would keep immune from the contagion. After receiving the blessing of Two-Young-Men and a sacred knife and spear from the grateful war chief, I plunged into the gloom of the dense and forbidding wood...